Windhoek Hosts Murirua Kaaheke Memorial Sports Tournament

Windhoek – This weekend, the Khomasdal stadium in Windhoek will be the venue for a football and netball tournament in memory of Mannfredt ‘Molaiks’ Murirua-Kaaheke, the former head of the Kambekua Sports Association (KSA).

According to Namibian Press Agency (NAMPA), president of the Namibia Rural Sports Development Federation (NRSDF), announced the event, emphasizing its role in honoring the legacy of Murirua-Kaaheke, a prominent figure in Namibian football management. The late Kaaheke, who passed away in 2001, was renowned for his contribution to grassroots sports and his leadership at the Kambekura All Stars football club and Hungry Lions Football Club. The tournament will feature 10 football teams, including the Sesfontein, Omongua, Opuwo, Epupa, Okondjatu, Epukiro, Otjinene, Otjituuo, Okakarara, and Ovitoto All-Stars. In netball, eight teams will compete, with key matches like Okondjatu vs. Epukiro All Stars and Omongua vs. Otjinene. Prizes totaling N.dollars 40 000 will be awarded, with N.dollars 28 000 allocated to football and N.dollars 12 000 to the top four netball teams. Winners in both categories will receive substantial cash prizes for their achievements.