Tresor voyage suspended, driver suspended

The driver’s license belonging to Mr Ndam Esekiel, driver of Tresor interurban transport Agency has been retrieved for a 1-year suspension by the minister of transport.

This suspension follows the fatal accident on July 1, which happened at Nteingue neighborhood, West region, killing 4 and injuring 59 others.

Images of a video footage made public by the centralized management and monitoring system for interurban transport, show that the accident was caused by excess speed on a wet and slippery road.

A statement from the ministry indicates that despite warnings given by the video surveillance system, no passenger were the safety belt even though the bus was equipped with them.

Apart from the 1-year suspension handed to the driver, activities of the Tresor have been suspended for 7 days, during which drivers of the interurban transport agency will be restrained on defensive driving under the competent technical services.

Road users are also reminded to always wear seat belts which remains a legal requireme

Source: Cameroon News Agency