*Afrimoney Launches Tross Fuel Service for Keke Riders.*

Afrimoney Sierra Leone has officially launched the Tross Fuel service in partnership with the Sierra Leone Commercial Tricycle Riders Union. The launch event took place at the Africell headquarters in Wilberforce, Freetown.

According to Marcus Berdie, Head of Distributions at Afrimoney, the partnership with the Tricycle Riders Union aims to support Keke riders in securing and maintaining their vehicles. Last year, Afrimoney signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the union, providing Keke riders with a work-and-pay scheme to acquire a Keke for NLe100.

The Tross Fuel service, a significant part of this MoU, offers riders three liters of fuel per day for just Le85. Riders who pay early can extend this to six liters. However, payments must be made before 7:00 p.m.; otherwise, a delay fee of Le10 will be charged.

A representative from Conex Energy Sierra Leone, Ishmael Conteh, praised the initiative, highlighting the benefits of the Afrimoney partnership, which has minimized the risks associated with h
andling large sums of cash.

Serry Ibrahim, Interim President of the Sierra Leone Commercial Tricycle Riders Union, expressed his enthusiasm for the Tross Fuel service, emphasizing its potential to ease the daily fuel challenges faced by Keke riders. He urged members to adhere to the financial agreements to ensure the scheme’s success.

Martison Obeng Agyei, Managing Director of Afrimoney, described the initiative as a beacon of hope for Keke riders, particularly during emergencies. He noted the volatile nature of fuel prices and the importance of providing a stable and affordable fuel supply for riders. Agyei called on all Keke riders to take the scheme seriously, as its success depends on their compliance with the financial terms.

The Tross Fuel service is available at National Petroleum (NP), Leonco, and Conex stations. To qualify, riders must be union members and have their Afrimoney number approved by the park chairman. Riders can dial *161*10*4# in the morning to receive their fuel voucher.

The launch
event concluded with photographs of the management teams from Afrimoney, the Sierra Leone Commercial Tricycle Riders Union, and Conex Energy Sierra Leone.

Source: Sierra Leone News Agency