Ouahigouya: dozens of terrorists killed in Ouedrassin

Ouagadougou: The Combatant Forces, thanks to air support, were able to repel terrorists this Sunday morning who came to attack one of their positions in Ouedrassin. Dozens of criminals were neutralized and equipment recovered, the AIB learned from security sources.

An armed terrorist group launched an assault on the morning of Sunday June 9, 2024 on a position of the Combatant Forces in Ouedrassin (Ouahigouya zone).

Alerted, the air vectors immediately rushed to the scene.

Air operators became aware of the intensity and violence of the fighting.

But thanks to their determination and firepower, the boys forced the attackers to flee.

Survivors hesitated between saving the wounded or saving themselves. But the choice was quickly made because the air vectors launched a first missile.

Panicked, the fugitives resumed their mad rush, but they were caught again by a second ball of fire.

Meanwhile, units from the Tenga battalion and the 14th BIR, which had come to support their colleagues, also launched the hun
t for criminals and completed the work started by the sky watchers.

As a result, dozens of criminals have been neutralized and still usable war material seized, while operations continue.

Source: Burkina Information Agency