Oshikoto Region Boosts SMEs with Business Management Training

Oshikoto, Namibia – In an effort to enhance the capabilities of small and medium enterprise (SME) owners, the Oshikoto regional council has initiated a training program focusing on business management and related skills. The council’s spokesperson, Petrus Nehale, emphasized the plan’s goal to improve the livelihoods of SME owners through this educational initiative.

According to Namibian Press Agency (NAMPA), in an interview with Nampa on Friday, the regional council, as part of its annual work plan, organized a two-day free training session specifically aimed at rural small and medium business owners. This initiative, conducted on the 23rd and 24th of November 2023, is designed to equip them with the necessary skills and expertise to succeed in their business ventures. Nehale mentioned that this training is particularly focused on basic business management and targets SMEs located in the more remote areas of the region.

The SMEs benefiting from this program were identified through the Eengodi, Okankolo, and Nehale Lyampingana constituency offices. These businesses have received support, either directly or indirectly, from various stakeholders including the Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare, and the Rural Development Committee (RDC). The training covered essential topics such as business registration, business proposal development, bookkeeping, and other fundamental areas of business operation.

This year, the training reached a total of 30 SMEs across the Eengodi, Okankolo, and Nehale Lyampingana constituencies. Nehale highlighted that the regional council conducts this training annually as part of its ongoing commitment to support local businesses. The overarching aim of this initiative, as stated by Nehale, is to empower SMEs in remote areas, enabling them to grow, create employment opportunities, and contribute to uplifting the rural economy. The ultimate objective is to help these businesses become self-sustaining and economically independent.