NASLA to commence training of Municipal Police in July

Nchendzengang Tatah

The National School of Local Administration, NASLA will begin a special training for Municipal Police by July 2024.

Over sixty councils will have their local police trained inline with the norms, and regulations stipulated in their creation and functioning.

The Minister of Decentrilisation and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam made it known after a strategic meeting at NASLA, June 6 in Buea.

The Director General of NASLA, Tanyitiku E. Bayee explained that the training of the Municipal corps will unfold first with Councils whose deliberations have been approved by the Minister. He noted that the process is going to be sequential.

‘A number of preparatory steps have been taken, the training programmes were prepared and adopted, the trainers have been contacted, the site where we are hoping to lodge the trainees we are in discussion with the relevant authorities. In terms of the material preparation, everything is falling in place,’ the NASLA chair highlighted.

Discussions during t
he board meeting also focused on the examination for those who are coming into the institution. Minister Elanga Obam, was positive at the end of the incamera exchange. ‘I think everything is under control. The work that is done here is good. Bravo!’

The Decentrilisation Minister equally evaluated construction work on the new infrastructure of NASLA which contains office space and standard classrooms. He said he was amazed at the speed of work six months after his last visit.

The broad edifice compromising three floors which is spread over a considerable area of land will serve significantly to advance the drive of the institution, prided as the bedrock of local development in Cameroon.

Source: Cameroon News Agency