Gov’t to secure 1 billion for South West Regional Assembly edifice

The government of Cameroon inorder to foster the decentrilisation process and enhance local development plans on beginning a project this 2024 to raise a structure for the South West Regional Assembly.

Over one billion will be mobilized to begin work on the site in Buea. The Minister of Decentrilisation and Local Development disclosed in a June 6 outing.

Minister Georges Elanga Obam said the building plan to unfold on the piece of land was evidence that the decentrilisation process in the South West Region is on course with great results.

‘It means that the Regional Council of the South West is a reality physically. We are appreciative of what they are doing and we hope that very soon we are going to come here for the beginning of the work,’ the Decentrilisation Minister applauded.

According to the President of the South West Regional Assembly, Elango Zacheus Bakoma, the structure which will compare with none other around. ‘Once realised, it will be one of the jewels to have been constructed in the South
West in recent times,’ President Zacheus Bakoma said.

He further disclosed that negotiations with FEICOM were making progress. Though delayed in the process of acquiring a land certificate, he informed that the issue had been sorted out.

‘Today I am proud to say we are in possession of the land certificate. I think no sooner from now, the Minister of Decentrilisation will come back to the South West region to lay the foundation stone for this edifice.’

The site to host the South West Regional Assembly which is one of the two institutions accorded the North West and South West following the Major National Dialogue of 2019 has a total area of over two hectres.

Located around the Buea Central Prison, it is surrounded to the North by an existing road, to the west by state land and existing road, to the east by existing road and south by the main road of the Buea boulevard.

Source: Cameroon News Agency