Burkina: The globalist system is a scam for Africa (columnist)

Ouagadougou: The professor of philosophy, Kelgwendé André Sawadogo, indicated, Saturday during the official launch of his political columns entitled ‘The African Future’, that the globalist system constitutes a scam from which Africa must leave to self-determine.

According to the political columnist, Kelgwendé André Sawadogo, the globalist system compromises the future of African states which must emerge from it and reinvent themselves.

‘The globalist system is a coin whose front is ‘development and democracy’ and the very insidious (invisible) back represents science, school, information, the arts, religion, humanitarianism, terrorism,’ said the philosophy professor.

According to Mr. Sawadogo, this globalist system has subtly destructured and alienated societies around the world and African ones in particular, to impose a Western vision of things.

To achieve this, the system uses links such as ideologies (philosophy, human rights), UN and international organizations, international sporting, religious and
social organizations (FIFA, the Vatican, terrorism).

In his 23-page chronicles for the month, the columnist intends to make his contribution to further guide public policies and allow a better understanding of public opinion of the situation.

‘Le Devenir Africain’ by denouncing this globalist system, intends to lead Africans to deconstruct this imagination maintained by school, politics, sciences, communication, the arts, etc., explained its author.

For him, globalist programs and the World Bank never support endogenous development which is a cultural restructuring of the modern State.

Only self-determination is the guarantee of endogenous development which is based on the principles and values of the community through a nationalist system, added Kelgwendé André Sawadogo.

He also suggested that the dynamic of African self-determination is underway with the advent of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES) and the institution in Burkina Faso of the day of May 15 dedicated to customs and traditions.

to the author, ‘Becoming African’ will be open to other thinkers. It is available in university libraries, booksellers and usual newspaper resellers at the price of 2000 FCFA and 5000 FCFA excluding AES.

Source: Burkina Information Agency