Otjiwarongo’s political leadership at each other’s throats

Otjozondjupa Region Governor, James Uerikua on Tuesday rubbished accusations from the Otjiwarongo Municipality, accusing him of interfering in its development projects and activities.

Uerikua in the presence of several political leaders from the region explained to Mayor Gottlieb Shivute shortly after a meeting that his appointment is higher than that of the mayor as he represents the president in the region.

‘I am therefore not interfering in anything, but as the regional head of Otjozondjupa, I have the right to advise the local authorities,’ the governor said.

The Otjiwarongo Municipality’s political leadership last Friday issued a media statement accusing Uerikua of interfering in its development activities and claiming that he wants to create the impression that he initiated projects that were actually conceptualised by the municipality.

These include the recent resuscitation of the Biomass Industrial Park, which Uerikua visited along with a delegation of biomass specialists from Germany on 08 April
this year.

Shivute also expressed dismay over remarks Uerikua and the Otjiwarongo Constituency Councillor Marlayn Mbakera made at a media briefing on 04 April, where the governor tasked the municipality to urgently rename Lothar Von Trotha Street and accused them of not prioritising the renaming.

Mbakera at the time also lashed out at the municipality councillors on potholes which she said are visible in every street in the town and has become a major concern to all road users.

She described the situation as an injustice to Otjiwarongo residents and said the local authority should serve the community with dedication.

This, according to Shivute, is aimed at portraying the councillors as visionless leaders who are incapable of running the affairs of the town.

Mbakera on her part on Tuesday said she is empowered by the Regional Council Act of 1992 which states that she can assist any local authority council in performing its powers, duties and functions.

Mbakera is also the Otjozondjupa Regional Council ch

Source: The Namibia Press Agency