Namibia reacts to the denial of Palestine’s UN membership

WINDHOEK: Namibia has expressed disappointment at the recent failure of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to grant full membership of the United Nations (UN) to the State of Palestine.

In a statement on Friday, Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Peya Mushelenga criticised the United States, which vetoed a resolution recommending Palestine’s full UN membership on Thursday.

‘The use of the veto in the UNSC to deny the State of Palestine its legitimate right for UN membership is testimony that some powerful member states of the UN value their national interest at the expense and detriment of the values and norms of the international community.

‘Regrettably, while small states believe in the lofty ideals and principles inscribed in the Charter of the UN, the action by a Permanent Member of the Security Council to prevent Palestine’s full membership leaves serious doubt on their full commitment to these noble principles,’ Mushelenga said.

Palestine applied for UN membership in accord
ance with Article 4 of the UN Charter, which states that membership is open to all other peace-loving states.

Since 2012, Palestine has had observer status at the UN and has been lobbying for years to gain full membership. However, it is recognised by only 138 out of 193 UN Member States.

‘The government of the Republic of Namibia expresses strong disappointment over the veto by the United States preventing the adoption of the resolution to recommend to the General Assembly Palestine’s full membership in line with the provisions of Article 4 of the UN Charter.

‘This is a serious setback to the international community’s efforts to find a peaceful and lasting solution to the unwarranted protracted Israel-Palestine conflict,’ the minister said.

Mushelenga emphasised that Namibia ‘continues to call for the immediate reform of the UNSC to address inequity and injustice, in order to reflect the present reality and ensure the legitimacy of its decisions.’

Source: The Namibia Press Agency