Green hydrogen presents opportunity for Africa to embrace green technologies: Mbumba

WINDHOEK: Namibian President Nangolo Mbumba believes that the current century presents a significant opportunity for Namibia and other African nations to embrace new, cleaner and green technologies. This, he said, will result in job creation, poverty reduction, and the development of inclusive, peaceful, and stable societies. President Mbumba made these remarks in a speech he delivered on Tuesday at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He emphasised that the Namibian Government, in collaboration with national and international stakeholders, is leading efforts to unlock the immense potential of green hydrogen. The president told the summit that Namibia is now home to nine hydrogen projects. These projects span two emerging hydrogen valleys, with the possibility of establishing a third valley based on its abundant iron ore potential, according to Mbumba. 'Green hydrogen offers opportunities beyond just clean molecule production, it holds the potential to anchor new industries in emerg ing markets across the globe. Namibia has always harboured a desire to become an indispensable logistics hub to the southern African region,' he said. He added that Namibia's newly developed green industrialisation blueprint 'further illustrates how green hydrogen can be used to add value to minerals sourced from within our borders and indeed, the continent.' 'In Namibia, we plan to produce green direct reduced iron, a key low carbon ingredient that promises to decarbonise the steel industry, which according to the international energy agency contributes to more than 8 per cent of global emissions,' said Mbumba. Meanwhile, Namibia is showcasing its green hydrogen potential at the three-day global hydrogen event, which started on Monday. The government through the Green Hydrogen Council is hosting its inaugural exhibition, featuring the Daures Green Hydrogen Village as a notable industry highlight. This project, expected to become operational in July 2024, is the most advanced hydrogen project in Namibia and will produce renewable energy, hydrogen, and ammonia. Meanwhile, President Mbumba invited the international community to the African Global Green Hydrogen Summit to be hosted by Namibia in September 2024. 'At that event, we shall look to not only showcase what Namibia has delivered in terms of our green hydrogen ecosystem, but also the efforts of our peer nations on the continent,' he said. Source: The Namibia Press Agency