‘Beyond the Veil 2’, film on northern Nigerian women, premieres in FCT

The season two of ‘Beyond the Veil’, a TV series that depicts everyday life of northern Nigerian women, has premiered in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that filmmakers, industry stakeholders, as well as the cast and crew of the film, were present at the screening on Friday night in Abuja.

‘Beyond the Veil’ brings to the fore everyday life of liberal Northern Nigerian women, highlighting social issues such as polygamy, drug abuse, gender based violence, forbidden relationships and unstable family dynamics.

The story follows the lives of five resilient northern Nigerian women as they navigate the ups and downs of modern life, careers, friendships, romances and the occasional clash of cultures.

The series, which showcase the richness and diversity of the northern culture, follows the lives of five women living in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja as they navigate work, love, family and friendship.

The star-studded ‘Beyond the Veil’ is created by award-winning filmm
aker Nadine Ibrahim and Sifa Asani- Gowon and is produced by Naila Media.

The film directed by Ibrahim features seasoned stars including ace actress Jemima Osunde, Maryam Booth, Norah Ego, Ummi Ahmed, Ame Aiyejina and Rikadawa Mohammed.

Others include Blessing Uzoro, Caleb Richards, Sani Muazu, Nadia Dutch, Andrew Bunting, Yakubu Mohammed and Temitope Olowoniyan, among others.

The series Director told NAN on the sideline that the project represents an opportunity to showcase a different version of the Northern Nigerian woman.

‘Beyond the Veil’ is a show inspired by the urge to depict Northern Nigerian women in a new and liberating way; one that is bold, empowered, and unapologetically authentic.

‘It is about us sharing a fresh narrative and show the world that a northern woman comes in different spaces.

‘The story follows the lives of five young women living in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria and the show builds a refreshing narrative around them but does not shy away from exploring the realities the
y face.

‘All the women face ongoing challenges, some of which are layered and continued from the first season, many of which reach a climax and achieve some closure.

‘The recurring themes of friendship, love, healing, and even pain remain in it, and they must push past and grow through all these, making choices that hurt and step bravely into the unknown.

‘As a director, this project marks a significant milestone in my creative journey and it has allowed me to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and evolve artistically and personally,’ she said

Also, the co-creator of the show, Asani- Gowon said the ‘Beyond the Veil’ story was well accepted by Nigerians as it reflected realities Nigerian women face.

‘For the first season, the overall reactions were really good, although I was a little nervous about it, because I did not know how people would take it.

‘However, the overall response was so great, and I think that made it even more positive for me, especially the overall northern Nigeria response to th
e show and now we are unveiling season two,’ she said.

Ishaya Bako, Executive Producer of the film, said the story was a clear reflection of everyday realities that women have to cope with in this part of the world.

Bako, renowned for directing award-winning documentaries like ‘Fueling Poverty’, ‘Silent Tears,’ and ‘UP NEPA’ said the series was a continuous story.

‘Our culture in Nigeria is very vast and rich so we should always tell stories that are vibrant and diverse to reflect issues that affect us,’ he said.

NAN reports that the first season of ‘Beyond the Veil’ was released on Amazon’s Prime Video in March 2023

Source: News Agency of Nigeria