Alweendo commends other African countries for pursuing green hydrogen

WINDHOEK: The Minister of Mines and Energy of Namibia, Tom Alweendo, has commended other African countries for embarking on the green hydrogen journey, just like Namibia. In a statement delivered at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam in The Netherlands on Tuesday, Alweendo acknowledged that Namibia is not the only country in Africa on this remarkable journey. The minister said Namibia is impressed by Morocco's Green Hydrogen Offer and Kenya's Guidelines on Green Hydrogen from the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority. He added that South Africa's Green Hydrogen Commercialisation Strategy is comprehensive in decarbonising heavy industry, and Mauritania's incentive package for green hydrogen production is attractive. 'The African Green Hydrogen Alliance now boasts 10 members. We are honoured to be in this position to learn from fellow African peers. As a continent, we no longer have to be timid about leading a discourse that is complex and nuanced. On the contrary, we have an important role to play in telling our unique narrative on this versatile molecule,' Alweendo said. Minister Alweendo is a member of the Namibian delegation led by President Nangolo Mbumba, who is attending the three-day global gathering on hydrogen. 'As Africans, we should realise that when coupled with green hydrogen, this natural resource endowment presents a generational opportunity for us to deliver long-lasting prosperity for our people and boost intra-African trade. Green industrialisation is indeed the opportunity that binds domestic, regional, and global agendas,' he said. He further stated that Namibia has expressed its ambitions for economic transformation through the Green Industrialisation Blueprint. 'We estimate that the successful execution of our blueprint could unlock more than nine times our national stock of foreign direct investment between now and 2040, create more than a quarter-million jobs while abating more than 75 million tonnes of carbon dioxide,' Alweendo said. Source: The Namibia Press Agency