SAPS National Commissioner sets the record straight upon receipt of the departmental inquiry report probing allegations levelled against a Divisional Commissioner

The National Commissioner of the South African Police Service, General Sehlahle Fannie Masemola has on receipt of the outcome of the departmental inquiry into allegations levelled against the Divisional Commissioner: Human Resource Management in the SAPS, Lieutenant General Lineo Ntshiea, set out to put matters into perspective.

The unsubstantiated allegations which are serious and defamatory in nature, are contained in an anonymous message that has been doing the rounds on various social media platforms.

To this end, Police can confirm that the said inquiry has revealed no adverse findings against Lieutenant General Ntshiea, who like all senior and executive managers of the SAPS, has been subjected to security vetting processes.

Members of the public are cautioned to refrain from making unsubstantiated claims as these lead to wasteful expenditure on resources utilised in such investigations, where these resources could have been channelled to core policing business. It is within this context that the SAPS will deal decisively with peddlers of such baseless claims through legal action, claiming back all costs incurred to expedite such investigation.

“The SAPS takes this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to continue focusing our energies on reducing the volumes of crime so that South Africans are and feel safe and secure. We also commit to prioritising the overall well-being of our members who are our most valuable resource in the fight against crime,” said the National Commissioner, General Sehlahle Fannie Masemola.




Source: South African Police Service

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