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President Ramaphosa: ‘I am committed to accountability’

President Cyril Ramaphosa says he and government are committed to accounting to the people of South Africa and addressing challenges that the country is facing.

He was speaking during a reply to the Presidency's budget vote in Parliament on Friday.

The President has been under some scrutiny amid revelations that there was a break in at his Phala Phala game farm where the alleged perpetrators were allegedly tortured, kidnapped and paid off to keep silent on the break in.

The President reiterated his earlier statement that the law must be allowed to take its course with the matter now in the hands of law enforcement agencies.

“I want to reassure, and indeed remind this House that accountability is a responsibility I have never shirked or shied away from. When I was elected four years ago, I promised I would come to this House regularly and answer your questions, and I have done so faithfully.

“The robbery that took place on my farm Phala Phala in 2020 is the subject of a criminal complaint, and the law must take its course. In other words, due process must be followed. I will therefore not be responding to speculation, conjecture, allegations, or so-called revelations. These must be ventilated in the proper and appropriate forums. I repeat, the law must take its course,” he said.

The President reminded members of parliament that their – and his own – responsibility as MPs is to the people of South Africa.

“Because we are a government elected by the people, for the people, and we are accountable to the South African people for all that we do. As I said [on Thursday], the people of South Africa must come first in all that we do.

“As public representatives we were elected on the promise to improve their lives, and we are obliged to keep that promise. It is the reason for this government and this Parliament’s existence,” he said.

Working together

The President implored political party leaders in the house to work together with government in order to fulfil promises of a better life for the people of South Africa.

“The recent meeting with the Presidency and political parties on the crime and security situation is an example of the way in which we can harness these synergies to address the most pressing problems our society faces. It is about cooperation, building trust and forging consensus. It is about building and nurturing spaces in which all voices and viewpoints are heard and considered,” he said.

COVID-19 pandemic

The President highlighted that at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, political parties pulled together in order to make sure that the country is well lead in the fight against the virus.

“That very first meeting, in March 2020 set the tone for the cooperation that would follow. The united front presented by political parties, and their rallying behind the national response, gave reassurance and confidence to a fearful and uncertain population at the time it was needed most.

“In the ensuring months more engagements and consultations would follow around the lockdown and other measures.

“These consultations were meaningful and effective. As much as some political parties had different perspectives from those of the government, we were however united in our determination to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic to save lives and protect livelihoods,” he said.

President Ramaphosa said that collaboration “is what social compacting is all about”.

“It doesn’t only refer to government, business, and labour, but all of society. And as political parties you are elected representatives of the people of this country. You are here to speak for them and represent their interests,” he said.

Source: South African Government News Agency

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